Common Characteristics

  • Characteristics of Gifted Students

    In preschool years, giftedness can be demonstrated by early physical development, early language development, and/or exceptional powers of observation and curiosity. While it is rare for a gifted child to exhibit all of the following characteristics, it is common for a gifted child to manifest many of them:

    • Good problem-solving abilities
    • Learns rapidly
    • Extensive vocabulary
    • Good memory
    • Longer attention span
    • Compassion for others
    • Perfectionism
    • High degree of energy
    • Prefers older companions
    • Wide range of interests (or narrow ones with intense focus)
    • Interest in experimenting and doing things differently
    • Unusual sense of humor
    • Early or avid reader with greater comprehension ability with puzzles, mazes or numbers
    • Seems mature for age at times
    • Insatiable curiosity and persistence
    • Intense concentration
    • Perseverance in areas of interest
    • May question authority
    • Advanced sense of conscience, concern about the world
    • Perceives abstract ideas, understands complex concepts
    • Sees relationships
    • May demonstrate intense emotional and/or physical sensitivity
    • Exhibits creativity

10 Myths in gifted Education