• Special Education Records

    If you need to obtain a copy of your student’s Individualized Education Program (IEP) or past special education records, please contact the Special Services Office. All persons requesting IEPs will be asked to provide a current picture ID at the time of request and sign a release. Only persons who have legal guardianship of a student may receive special education documents.

    Elizabeth School District Special Services Office



    Records Destruction:  Policies and Procedures (Recommended by the Colorado Department of Education)

    It is the policy of Elizabeth School District that the contents of special education files shall be kept for a minimum of five years after all special education and related services for a student have ended.  Upon exiting from special education services, the student and parent/guardian shall be informed that records will be destroyed after five consecutive years of in-active status.  Prior to the destruction of in-active records, efforts to notify the parent/guardian or student 18 years old or older shall be made through public notice in a local newspaper and here on the district website.  Absent a request, the records shall be destroyed in conformance with C.R.S. §24-80-101, et seq., and federal law.  No record shall be destroyed as long as it pertains to any pending legal case, claim, action or audit.