What is an ALP?

  • A student’s body of evidence is used to determine appropriate instruction and placement within the classroom. An Advanced Learning Plan (ALP) is created on an annual basis to reflect that instruction as well as students’ interests


    Advanced Learning Plans (ALP) are written in collaboration with the student, parents and school personnel. An academic SMART goal, based on the student’s identified area of strength, is written using student achievement and growth data and Colorado Academic Standards. An affective SMART goal is also created to address areas such as personal, social, leadership, communication and cultural competence or to guide career and college planning. The aim of affective goals is to teach or improve upon habits of success.


    For the 2017-18 school year two new platforms are being used to allow students to create and monitor their own interest-based ALP goals.  At the elementary level standards based ALPs are being implemented and monitored during Extended Learning Time using the Renzulli Learning platform.  At the secondary level students write and monitor their own goals using the College in Colorado platform that integrates with their Individual Career and Academic Plan (ICAP).  All goals follow the SMART goal format.  



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