• Colorado Springs Metro League


Athletic Registration

  • FamilyID registration

    Student must be registered on FamilyID with a current sports physical

Event Prices

  • General Events:

    $5 for Adults and $3 for Students. 

    Homecoming Prices:

    $6 for Adults and $4 for Students

Eligibility Update

  • "In our quest to keep as many kids participating in sports and activities as much as possible, we are changing how we handle students who are on Academic Warning (1 F). Our goal is to inform the parents and students before the student becomes ineligible altogether. This process eliminates the paper letter, which had to be signed by the parent and student, in years past. If a student has 2 Fs when the eligibility report is run on Monday morning, he or she is ineligible to participate for the entire week, even if they get their grades up.

    After the eligibility report is run on Monday mornings, parents and guardians of students who have one F and who are currently participating in extra-curricular activities will receive an email notifying them that their student is on Academic Warning, which is literally to warn them that their student is close to being ineligible. The coaches will also receive a list of their athletes who are on Academic Warning. The student should spend Cardinal time that week working on the class he or she is failing in order to get that grade up.

    We hope this streamlines the communication between school and parents in regards to eligibility. Please let Mrs. Nixon or Mrs. Nicolas know if you have any questions.

Coach Contact Information

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