Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Chemistry Pacific Lutheran University M.S. Chemistry Colorado School of Mines

Ms. Marisa Adams, M.S.

When I was a wee sophomore at Lakewood High School,Colorado, I took my first chemistry class and fell in love. As an IB student, I was lucky to receive three years of chemistry before I went up to Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma, WA to earn my B.S.. in the field. I worked for a year in the iC42 Lab on the Anschutz Medical Campus before I went back to earn my Master's in Chemistry from the Colorado School of Mines. During that time I was able to do some amazing research, publish several papers in respected academic journals, and even write chapter 10 in the now published Handbook of Materials for Nanomedicine. After that it was off to more industry again, this time in the environmental testing lab Eurofins TestAmerica.

Chemistry is my passion and I truly believe that a thorough background in the field will help anyone with their choices in personal care products, understanding our energy sources, legislative decisions, and so much more. I respect that chemistry can be challenging and seek to work with students to overcome these challenges and send them into the world as prepared as they can be. 

P.S. Please note that while I am happy to take any questions, I do not answer email after 8:00 PM.

  • Ignoring lab safety can have extreme consequences; don't be caught unprepared! Whenever there is a wet lab make sure you have pants with no holes and shoes that cover your whole foot. Goggles must be on your face, over your eyes, in the lab area at all times. Remember, we're also developing good habits that will keep you safe in any future lab situations in which you find yourself.

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