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BS Zoology - Colorado State University MAT Integrated Natural Sciences - The Colorado College Colorado 7-12 Science and Middle School

Ms. Wyatt

I am a Colorado native and in my fourth decade as an education professional.  I am amazed at the rich variety of opportuties at Elizabeth High School and am very excited to be a contributor!  I love to quilt, read, do puzzles, knit, bake, and ride horses.  I am committed to helping each student earn the grade that he or she wants to earn.  Don't be afraid to come ask for help when you need it!

I have posted a link to my Google Site which is where I have posted lesson plans, warm up questions, and the syllabus for each course.  The link is at the bottom left part of this webpage. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.  The best way to reach me is by email at cwyatt@esdk12.org.

  • 2020-2021 Science Supply List 

    Regular Physical Science and Environmental Science

    • 1 - 70 page, 3-hole punched, 8.5 x 11 inch Spiral Notebook (no bound composition books or sectioned spirals, please)
    • 1 - 2” or 2.5” Binder to be used only for Science
    • 3 Binder Dividers (labeled: Notes, Progressive Quizzes, Assignments)
    • Lined Binder Paper
    • Pencils
    • Dark Blue or Black Ink Pens
    • 3 Plastic Page Protectors
    • Inexpensive Calculator ($15 or less, fit in pencil bag) - Physical Science
    • 1 chisel point Dry Erase Marker - dark color
    • Chromebook compatible earbuds
    • 1 pair of Chemical Splash Anti-Fog Goggles - The goggles suggested in the link below are low-priced yet high-quality anti-fog goggles.  Students will be able to use these goggles for all of their future high school science classes and college science classes.        https://www.homesciencetools.com/product/chemical-safety-goggles-anti-fog-adult/#description-anchor
    • 1 - Box of Facial Tissues to donate to classroom - optional 
  •  Remote Learning Expectations

    1. This is your assigned class time, prompt attendance is expected just as if you were attending an in person class. I expect you to wait for admittance to the zoom since the beginning of class can sometimes be super crazy or we may be having technological problems.
    2. You are expected to do these things each class period unless told otherwise:
      1. Log in to zoom, you may log in early but do not be late, and stay until you are dismissed. I will try to arrange class to get you off sooner rather than waste your time by listening to things that aren’t so helpful to a remote learner.
      2. Join the zoom with your camera but if you have broadband issues, you may turn the camera off. If I ask you a question, I will expect you to unmute yourself and answer.  I expect that if you have a question, that you will unmute and ask your question.
      3. Check BOTH email and Google Classroom Stream daily for announcements, handouts, and links. I’ve been using email but will be using Google Classroom more frequently.  Assignments in Google Classwork will show up in the Stream as well but not all assignments will be in Classwork so CHECK THE STREAM.
      4. Do warm up questions in your journal. These are found on my Google Site.  I will try to get them there at the beginning of the week.  Please send me an email if they aren’t there and please be patient while waiting.  I am probably trying to do 4 things at once to get class started.  Please turn in your journal when you return, unless you are instructed otherwise such as in the case of a prolonged absence.
      5. On Monday or Tuesday, fill out your planner from the warm up powerpoint. Take a picture of the planner and email it to me.  Please put your Full Name, Block, and Planner Week Number in the subject.
      6. Print off or have handouts pulled up so that you can look at them while I talk about them in class. I will still have a hard copy of all handouts waiting for you on your return.
      7. Hand write notes whether they are given to you as a powerpoint, screencastify video, or Edpuzzle.
    3. All quizzes and tests will be administered in class. Be ready for them on the day you return.  I appreciate students asking about them at the beginning of class.
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  • Homework/Classwork Expectations and Routines

    • The EHS Course Guide states the expected homework for both Regular Physical Science and Environmental Science is 50 minutes per week.  The homework is to study 10 minutes per night (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) as the brain learns best with short frequent study sessions.  
    • Studying should have an output such as recopying notes, typing notes, making and using flashcards, making a concept map, etc.  Reading your notes has been shown to be the least effective way to study. Make that 10 minutes count!
    • When you have class on a Monday, your journal is due as soon as we finish going over the warm ups.
    • Every Monday or Tuesday, you will take a progressive quiz which will cover all the notes for the semester.
    • Notes Quizzes will be given the next day that we have class after the notes are given.  
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    What to Do If You Don’t Like Your Grade

    1. Turn in missing work (check Infinite Campus to find out what you are missing).
    2. Retake online or written quizzes (not progressive quizzes).  Come in to Ms. Wyatt’s room before or after school or during homeroom and study with an output for 20 minutes.  You may split the time over several days but you may not take the quiz until the day after studying is finished.  The quizzes for each unit must be retaken by the day of the unit test. You will receive the last grade earned for the quiz.
    3. Study your notes every day (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) with an output for 10 minutes.  Amazingly enough, it really does help you do better on regular quizzes, online quizzes, progressive quizzes, tests, and the final!  Consistency is the key to maintain the effectiveness of short yet frequent review sessions.
    4. If you are feeling overwhelmed, come talk to me.  We may be able to work out a plan to help you meet your goals.  Please realize you will be less likely to develop a successful plan if you wait until the last few weeks of the semester because there won't be enough time to implement a reasonable plan.
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