• Welcome to a new school year at Elizabeth High School!

    All of the courses we offer are to your left. Answers to many of the commonly asked questions are below. 

Administrative FAQs

  • How do I register my student at EHS?

  • What are the EHS graduation requirements?

  • How are student grade levels determined?

  • Grading Scale and GPA

  • Do you require a standardized test for graduation?

  • Do you offer early graduation?

  • Home Schooled Students

  • Withdrawing as a Student from EHS

Course Information

  • Homeroom

  • Summer School

  • Advanced Placement Courses

  • Concurrent Enrollment Courses

Scheduling Questions

  • Repeating a Course

  • What courses do Colorado colleges require for admission?

  • Changing or Dropping Courses

  • Diploma Pathway - No College/University

  • Diploma Pathway - College/University Bound Students

  • Will all of my desired courses be available?

  • How do I build my schedule?

  • Elizabeth School District is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Elizabeth School District ensures equal employment opportunities regardless of race, creed, gender, color, national origin, religion, age, sexual orientation or disability. Elizabeth School District has a policy of active recruitment of qualified minority teachers and non-certified employees.


    Any individual needing assistance in making application for any opening should contact the Department of Human Resources. EEO, Title IX, ADA, and Title VI Coordinator - John Rogerson, Director of Human Resources; jrogerson@esdk12.org. Grievance procedures may be accessed on https://www.elizabethschooldistrict.org/domain/121 then click on Category G - Personnel

Last Modified on March 5, 2024