• Activities and sports outside the classroom can often be just as important to students’ growth as what they learn during the school day – it’s how they learn teamwork, leadership, and time management – not to mention what other skills and interests they have. For some, it may be what keeps them coming back to school every day. Others may be chasing scholarships or other opportunities. 

    With this in mind, Elizabeth High School’s Athletic Director John Everhart and his coaches have been on a mission to Demand Excellence. In fact, those words are the central theme for their overall approach to help student athletes grow a wide range of skills and abilities, represent their school and community well and raise the level of accomplishment whether they’re on a court, a field or mat. 

    The "Demanding Excellence" podcast was created in 2024 to help elaborate upon that theme by featuring EHS coaches and learning how they bring out the best in student athletes. 

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