The Elizabeth Spirit Team is calling ALL Mini Cardinals!!!

    K-8 students are wanted

    October 21st and 22nd: Practices will be at Singing Hills Elementary school                                                        5:30pm - 7:00pm  

    October 25th: Perform for the EHS Home Football Game at 7pm!!!


    Email: elizabethspirit@esdk12.org to register NOW!!! Click here to download the registration form:  MINI CARDINAL REGISTRATION FORM


    2019/2020 Elizabeth Spirit Team

    Pictured from left to right: Hannah Mink(Team Manager), Taylor Brooks, Isabella Arciniaga, Grace Richardson, Charlotte Vair, Kayla Hinkley(Alternate), Katrina Whitley, Kaelyn Clouse, Haley Smith, Mayson Briddle, Becca Keele(Alternate), Ally Meyer(Alternate), Whitney Benson(Alternate), Sidney Berndt, Sadie Surritte, Lylie Frumveller, and Cassie Smyth.  

    Team Captains: Charlotte Vair, Kaelyn Clouse, and Lylie Frumveller



    Our 2020 Graduating Seniors:

    Hannah Mink, Mayson Briddle, Kaelyn Clouse, Charlotte Vair, and Lylie Frumveller



    Our Juniors:

    Isabella Arciniaga, Sadie Surritte, Taylor Brooks, and Grace Richardson



     Our Sophomore Class:                                 

    Katrina Whitley, Haley Smith, Becca Keele, Cassie Smyth                                                         


    Our Freshman:

    Ally Meyer, Kayla Hinkley, Sidney Berndt, and Whitney Benson



     Coaches are Amber Rusk (elizabethspirit@esdk12.org) and Brooke Thomann


    For information about our Elizabeth Spirit Team please contact Amber Rusk at Elizabethspirit@esdk12.org

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