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  •                    Welcome to the EHS Technology Student Association Page.


      TSA Dues: $50 ( Affiliation for State and National Delegation)  Due September 25, 2020

      TSA State Registration $50 ( State Fee to register for & compete at State)  Due Februay 5, 2021


    See the calendar below for all the upcoming events and the attached files for more information.


    Preliminary Round Info


    This spreadsheet is live and can help you identify which events will need to be completed in the preliminary round. Click Here  


    Check your school Email for your Member ID# and chapter password to submit work.

    The password on the testing site will be above where you input your  ID information. The password will change everyday. 


    Testing Link - https://answerwrite.com/tsa/co/


    Submission Link:  http://judgespro.registermychapter.com/org/jpco-state/conf/tsacostate/student






    State Info


    NEW ( Feb 8, 2021) State Schedule by the day




    NEW ( Feb 18, 2021)  Watch the Webinar for Feb 17th ( Semifinalist / On Site Events)




     2021 State Conference Portal



     Event Instructions ( Nora Click the link)     https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1rfT8uiVlYlu7GAZDH5SKg3jWUa6FgLaEMae6o1EYGUA/edit#gid=131186634

    State: March 1-6, 2021

    Monday (3-1-2021) 3p-5p Engineering    /  5p-6p Opening Ceremony

    Tuesday (3-2-2021) 3p-9p Computer Science 

    Wednesday (3-3-2021) 3p-9p Media Arts

    Thursday (3-4-2021) 3p-9p Media Arts

    Friday (3-5-2021) 3p-9p Leadership & Research

    Saturday (3-6-2021) 8A-9p Leadership

    Thursday (3-11/2021) 6p-7p Closing ceremony


    Unfortunately there are no refunds for the Dues or State



    2020-21 Homeroom Chapter Meetings

    February 2, 2021

    March 2, 2021





    2020-21 Officer Meetings





    Work Days

    Starting January 19, 2021

    Every Tuesday & Thursday from 3:15-5:30 in the Technology Lab.




    2021 TSA CO State Conference  Links 




    Chapter Team  PariPro Quizlet:   




    2021 CO State Semi-Finalist Sign Up Sheet: Coming Soon




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