Degrees and Certifications:

Casper College (AA in Political Science) University of Oklahoma (BA in Political Science) University of Denver (BSBA in Business Management) Regis University (MA in English Language Development for Second Language Learners) University of Denver (graduate Work in Educational Administration)

Mr. Steve Beaudoin


I am the Internship Coordinator and I also teach Introduction to Teacher Education, which is a concurrent enrollment class through the University of Colorado-Denver. 

As the internship coordinator, I work with you to determine a plan for you to experience careers that you are interested in. You will then use your  off hours to pursue a learning experience around that career. I also work with organizations outside the school to support you and your learning experiences.

The Introduction to Teacher Education class is a program that covers many aspects of working in a school classroom as a paraeducator, substitute teacher or a classroom teacher. The class consists of two semesters divided into several sections. Each section includes time spent in an actual classroom working with a classroom teacher. The sections include instructional teamwork, special education, student supervision, instructional strategies, behavior management, elementary vocabulary and comprehension, and algebraic concepts and spatial reasoning.

Students will leave this class prepared to work as a paraeducator, become licensed as a substitute teacher after graduation or start a teacher education program at a college or university with multiple elective credits in education already completed.

My office is in the library. Please drop by and chat about your plans.