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  • Online Learning Changes:

     We will be making a slight shift due to the current situation with COVID19. All assignments from this point forward will be individual.  You will need to use your school email account to share your work with me with Google Docs.  We will resume the challenge we were working on before break when and if we return to the high school.



    April 17 - May 21, 2020

     Final Project

    NASA Robot Challenge   https://www.nasa.gov/feature/help-nasa-design-a-robot-to-dig-on-the-moon

        - After researching reading about the NASA robot that will need to dig on the moon.

                  Due May 21,2020

         * Sketch  a design of your own.

          * Explain how your design works and how it complies with the NASA specifications.

    Share your concept drawings and ideas with Mr. Taylor in Google Docs.


    April 3 - 17, 2020

    -Online Robot simulations

        * Goto the following link and try at least 3 simulators.

    ----> Online simulators:   https://brainpowerboy.com/virtual-robot-simulators/

        * Write a brief review of what you liked and did not like about each, and did you find the simulator to be helpful in unterstanding robotics and the contorl systems of roobotics?

                  Due April 17,2020

    - Share your findings with me in a Google Doc


    March 24 - April 3, 2020 

          History of Robotics Timeline 

               Due: April 3, 2020

           - Use Googleslides to create a timeline of the history of Robotics.

           -Place one historical event per slide

           - Minimum of 15 historical events

           - Slide should include the following

             * When did the achievement happen?

             * Who Did it?

             * Where did it happen?

             * Why is it important?

    Grading: See the rublick below. "Robotics_timeline_grading_rubric"

    Be sure to share your work with Mr. Taylor when you are finished and ready for it to be graded.


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  • RobotC

    Click Above Link for Tutorial


    Getting Started with ROBOTC Graphical for EV3: http://www.robotc.net/blog/2015/03/20/robotc-ev3-rvw/


    For helpful videos search YouTube for RobotC EV3   

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