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    We will be making a slight shift due to the current situation with COVID19. All assignments from this point forward will be individual. If you are currently working on an individual project you may complete it and share the documentation with me along with any picture of the project. You will need to use your school email account to share your work with me in Google Docs.  



    "Advanced Tech_Career Development Project" is mandatory for all Advanced and Applied Technology students.


    Select one additional project below.

       * Comicbook Design

       * Essays on Technology:  Prompt: Most inventions have pros and cons to them. Pick an invention that you believe has the most negative impact on our world. Why did you choose that invention? What do you think is wrong with it?

       * Fore 2020

       * Rubberband powered Cars 2020


    NOTE: You do not need to do the LEAP Resume for either project.


    Due: By May 8, 2020  Extended to May 21, 2020

    -Both the career development project and your project selection from the provided list above.



    -See the attached project rubricks below.


    Helpful Links

    TSA ( EHS)Page: https://www.elizabethschooldistrict.org/domain/455


    COTSA: https://www.coloradotsa.org/


    National TSA: https://tsaweb.org/




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